Botanical Carpet Cleaning is serious about being green.  We wish to make every effort available to conserve our environment.  Below is a description of what we are currently doing.

  • When possible, we buy our cleaning solutions in large quantities (55 gallon drums and 50# batches), and reuse or sell our larger containers to be reused.  This saves gas from multiple shipments, and cardboard from packaging multiple smaller containers to be shipped.
  • We plan our carpet cleaning routes to be as fuel efficient as possible.
  • We use special catalytic heat exchangers on our carpet cleaners to heat our cleaning solution, saving valuable fuel from being burned up in a gas fueled water heater. Some jobs require more heat, in this case, we use a bio-diesel fueled burner. (this is not common)
  • Our trucks are smaller.  Some companies use large cargo vans to haul equipment from place to place. Botanical Carpet Cleaning uses a standard sized van. This saves on fuel consumption.
  • We try to buy quality green products from socially responsible vendors. 
We appreciate your comments.  I you have any suggestions on how we can improve our green commitment, please contact us.