Why do we use cleaning solution and not just hot steam? 

Very hot water alone cannot effectively clean heavy soiling and oils from carpets


Above are 2  lab beakers, one with water(left), and one with water and our cleaning solution (right). Both have been brought to a boil and had equal amounts of cooking oil added. As you can see, in the picture to the right, the oil has broken down and has been emulsified while, in the picture to the left, the oil has yet to mix and emulsify with the very hot water.

 In order to properly explain why we use cleaning solutions, we have to explain the fundamentals of carpet cleaning. There are 2 basic actions involved in effective hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Soil suspension, and Clean hot water extraction.


The first step is Soil Suspension.

Soil suspension happens when we apply our pre-conditioner and allow it to dwell for a set amount of time. This pre-conditioner immediately goes to work breaking down oils and soiling within the carpet and suspending it into an emulsion.


The second step is Clean Hot Water Extraction.

We go in with our carpet cleaning wand and extract the emulsion of dirt, oil and cleaning solution that we created in the first step, with our QuardaClean rinse technology, leaving your carpets clean, soft and residue free.


Some companies skip the 1st step completely claiming that cleaning with NO solution is better for your carpet because they aren’t leaving behind a residue. This in fact is true, but skipping the first step completely makes the second step FAR LESS effective. In my experience, I have found that pre-conditioning and proper extraction of the carpet yields a far better result than skipping a much needed step to prevent a problem that can be prevented by proper education in the first place.


With proper experience and education, cleaning with a quality cleaning solution is the best overall choice. Your carpets will be residue free and clean as they possibly can be.