Our 10 Step Cleaning Process
We believe our cleaning process, along with our QuadraClean technology is what makes us stand out from other cleaning companies. This 10 step process, in our opinion, is the most thorough and effective in the industry, leaving your carpets clean, residue free and soft to the touch. Learn about our Hassle Free Service commitment.
1. Pre-inspect

We will start with a pre-inspection of the areas to be cleaned. We will make notes of areas of concern and we will also advise you of any possible permanent staining. At this time we will confirm pricing.

 2. Pre-vacuum

This is a necessary step, removing dry soil and greatly improving the results of our cleaning. We will vacuum the main traffic areas with your vacuum, move the furniture and vacuum (as needed) underneath the furniture. Please have your vacuum ready for us.

 3. Move Furniture

Sofas, tables and chairs will be carefully moved. Larger pieces, full book cases, large beds, entertainment centers with electronics on them, heavy dressers and any other liability prone items will be left in place . If you would like us to clean under these pieces, please empty and/or dismantle items before we arrive. We will protect your furniture with disposable blocks and tabs after the furniture has been returned to it’s original spot.

 4. Pre-condition

Traffic areas and spots will be pre-conditioned with our non-toxic, green pre-conditioner. This environmentally friendly and biodegradable pre-conditioner helps loosen soil for the extraction process. Any special spots are also treated at this time.

 5. Pre-Scrub

Your carpet will be scrubbed (if needed) to work the pre-conditioner deeper into the fibers making it more effective on heavier soiling.

 6. Clean water rinse with our QuadraClean technology

We will rinse the loosened soil along with the remaining conditioner from your carpet leaving it residue free with our high powered steam cleaning system and our proprietary QuadraClean technology. Pressure and heat are regulated so that carpet is not over-wet. This system is very effective at rinsing out soiling dirt and spots, leaving your carpet clean, residue free and soft to the touch. Check out our before/after pictures.

 7. Post spot treatment

We will inspect and treat any spots that didn’t come out in the cleaning process with our specialty spotting techniques (this excludes permanent staining).

 8. DuPont Teflon carpet protection application (optional)

Our tech. will professionally apply carpet protection to keep your carpets lasting longer and cleaner longer.

 9. Post groom

We will groom your carpet to set the pile in an upward position for faster drying and better appearance.

 10. Post inspect

We will post inspect your carpet and make sure you are completely satisfied before leaving. We will provide you with a pair of plastic booties so that you can walk on the moist carpet if needed.

 To learn more about our cleaning process, visit our Why we use cleaning agents along with steam cleaning page.

 "QuadraClean" and the "10 Step Process" are available for residential customers.  Services for commercial customers may or may not include "QuadraClean" and all 10 steps in the "10 Step Process".

 Before we come to clean

  • Please remove all small items in rooms to be cleaned such as shoes, magazines, boxes   etc.
  • Please remove any breakables and items such as picture frames and knick-knacks from furniture that you want us to move.
  • Please make arrangements for pets and children to be away from the cleaning areas while we are in the home.